Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Storage Space

I have decided to use my veranda ceiling for stoarge. When we first moved here I had grand visions of filling it with dried herbs, sunflowers and beautiful things like that, just hanging there drying like an old fashioned farm.

I took a few days and strung the wire using U-nails. I stretched it all the way down the entire vernada roof.

I put three strands of wire across the entire lengh, skipping the part just over the front door. I figured that visitors wouldn't want things like dried herb leaves and flower petals falling on their heads. Who wouldn't want lovely smelling dried herbs and flowers falling on them?

This year I decided to use it. I hung all my grapevine wreaths and hanging pots up there when I tidied the porch. I intend to hang sunflowers and herbs up there to dry! I might also use it to dry tobacco and other useful things.

It makes a good storage space for anything else I want out of the way. I completely ignored it for two years! I can't believe I didn't take advantage of such a useful storage spot before now! I could hang all my useless junk up there and have a redneck porch...uh, maybe not.

I made this handy hook out of a mop handle. I got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine. Can you believe that! Martha Stewart and I think alike! (No, really. You can quit laughing now.)

It just hangs up there out of the way until I need it.

I bet you thought the snow had killed me off, didn't you? It almost did!


~Tonia said...

I love it!! I may need to do something like that on my back porch... The snow would have probably done me in If it showed up in May!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Very clever! You and Martha, huh? That's a good thing. :)

The Japanese Redneck said...

I bet you end up with some nesting birds in some of those pots!

Good idea. I thought the snow was gonna kill us off. 3 snows in Mississippi. Unheard of!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Snow is a horrible thing this time of year!! That's for sure!!

I hope we don't have birds nesting in there. Any birds that get tame enough to live on the front porch are usually cat casualties. We don't get many birds under there. It is enclosed on the sides too and the dogs live there.

icebear said...

i get called "Martha" every now and then myself, its a good thing... usually, lol

the stick-hook is a useful tool. We used one just like it when i worked at a candle store. We sold a lot of the specialty dipped candles- the ones that come in pairs with their wicks unclipped. The best way to display them was hanging on the walls from floor to ceiling and the stick was essential to save us the trouble of a stepladder.