Saturday, June 23, 2012

"The Homemaker's Handbook" E-Book

I have just made public "The Homemaker's Handbook" as a free download with a donation. I wrote this book over a course of many years while raising kids, working, farming and just keeping up with life. It has 12 chapters, listed below, including the largest one exclusively about food and recipes. I hope it will be interesting reading and will have some items that are helpful to everyone. 

"The Homemaker's Handbook"
A book for everyday people with tips for almost every area of day to day living including an extended chapter on cooking and recipes.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1.  Cleaning Your Home 
a.   Cleaning the Kitchen
b.   Polish Sparkle & Shine 
c.   Walls, Floors & Furniture 
Chapter 2.  Organizing Your Home   
Chapter 3.  Children 
a.   Safety 
b.   Babies 
c.   Toddlers 
Chapter 4.  Health and Dieting 
a.   Health 
b.   Dieting 
Chapter 5.  Outdoors 
a.    Yard, Drive and Walkways 
b.    Shrubs, Trees and Flowers 
c.    Vegetable Garden 
d.    Major Structures 
Chapter 6.  Houseplants 
a.   Necessary Elements
b.   Forcing Bulbs 
c.    Problems 
d.   Some Common  Plants and Their Care 
Chapter 7.  Herbs 
a.   Growing Indoors 
b.   Growing Outdoors 
c.    Using Herbs 
Chapter 8.  Food Preservation 
a.   Freezing 
b.   Drying
c.    Root Cellar
Chapter 9.  Holidays & Entertaining 
a.   Christmas 
b.   Autumn Holidays 
c.    Parties All Year 
d.   Wines for Entertaining 
Chapter 10.  Beverages 
a.   Tips 
b.   Liqueurs 
c.   Water 
d.   Recipes 
Chapter 11. Food 
a.   General Tips 
b.   Eggs 
c.   Dairy 
d.   Poultry 
e.   Beef & Pork 
f.    Fish & Seafood 
g.   Vegetables 
h.   Pasta – Noodles 
i.    Sauces, Dips, Dressing & Spreads 
j.    Soups & Stews 
k.   Salads & Hor D’Oeuvres 
l.     Desserts 
m.   Squares & Brownies 
n.    Pastry 
o.   Candies
p.   Fruits & Berries 
q.   Cakes 
r.    Frostings 
s.    Cookies 
t.    Breads 
u.   Muffins 
Chapter 12.  Potpourri 
a.   Essential Oils 
b.   Making Your Own 
c.   Using Potpourri

I have written three  books so far. 
"The Homemaker's Handbook"
"Making Organic Soap At Home" 
" Making Organic Wine At Home"

All of these books are now free with a donation and can be accessed on our farm site page: "Providence Acres Farm -  E-Books". You can also access this link on the " E-Book" tab above, just under the header.

I have endeavored to make these books easy to follow with pictures, clear directions and explanations. I intend to write more books of this type. I have started one entitled "Keeping A Few Chickens At Home" but have not finished it yet. Not that we are starting a freer lifestyle, I will have more time to write these and will finish the next one soon, I hope. These book sales will help us to keep ourselves off grid and give us both the time to write. In exchange I believe that you will be getting a great deal of value for your money! This type of detailed information is hard to come by online! I have had feedback on "The Homemaker's Handbook" and have been told that it is the single best free download available out there. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Whether or not I continue to write books like this will depend mostly upon the popularity and success of the ones I have already written. If you use one of these books, some feedback would be appreciated, IF it is polite and constructive. :-)  Please don't bother if it is not, and thank you!