Thursday, July 12, 2012

Foraging in the Wilderness

I have been researching edible weeds for years and eating them too! I have found it to be a great way to supplement our diet with healthy foods that are not only good for you but free, as well. Free is always good! lol!

As we are starting on our new adventure, I have put all the info I have into a book to help others who are on the road to self sufficiency.

It contains a list of 39 wild plants that are usually considered weeds, some mushrooms, etc that are edible, listed in alphabetical order with pictures and a little information.

You can download it here: "Foraging in the Wilderness"

You can also get it from the "Free Books Page" tab at the top. I am writing these books to help others on their journey to a more peaceful life of self sufficiency. Even though I do ask for a small donation for using my books, if you are searching for a life of self sufficiency, free of society's stressors and can use these books, please feel free to download them and use them, even without a donation. They are there for your benefit. Just donate what and whenever you can. The Lord will take care of me :-)   and may God bless your efforts.