Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Free E-Book on "Chicken Keeping"

"Keeping a Few Chickens At Home" is a new book that I have just finished. Like my other books, it's free for download but I do ask for a donation to keep these books free. If you cannot afford to make even a $5 donation, please feel free to download and use them anyway. I have, after all, written these books to help others who are trying to make ends meet in their new self-sufficient lifestyle. I realize that sometimes this means a large financial adjustment.

I am happy to just be able to help in any way. I hope this book will make it easier.

This is the table of contents for the new book:
 Chapter 1   Basic Introduction
 Chapter 2   Egg Laying and Care
 Chapter 3   Housing
 Chapter 4   Feed
 Chapter 5   Gardening With Chickens
 Chapter 6   Pests and Diseases
 Chapter 7   Hatching and Raising Your Own Chicks

You can download it, along with my other books, here:

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