Friday, November 29, 2013

Grape Jelly

I made grape jelly today from our own grapes, picked and frozen in August. This is not a mild reddish colour, it's truly grape - dark and rich! It's delicious!

I have enough juice to make about 5 more jars but I ran out of pectin. I will have to finish it after a trip to the store.
All I have left to work with now are the apples. Next up are apple jelly, apple sauce and apple butter!

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Leigh said...

Grape jelly is my absolute favorite! And I love that you used your frozen grapes. Isn't that freezer handy? And isn't it a shame pectin has gotten so expensive? I'm thinking about trying pomona. It's priced high too but I think you can get several batches out of one box (?)

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