Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Book Sale

I have written a few books in the past few years. Most are the Do-It-Yourself type. Right now I am having a downloadable book sale. You can buy ALL the books I have ever written for $20!

Here is a list of the books included:

"Make Your Own Organic Soap At Home"
"Keeping a Few Chickens At Home"
"Foraging In The Wilderness"
"The Providence Acres Farm Blog Cookbook"
"The Homemaker's Handbook"

- The first three are self explanatory. Clear directions and lots of pictures.
- "Foraging in The Wilderness" is a list of edible plants in the mid-north with pictures and descriptions.
- "The PAF Blog Cookbook" is a collection of all the recipes on our blog with directions and pictures.
- The Homemaker's Handbook" is a large book of tips for the homemaker in every category of the home, with a large section on cooking and recipes. It's more like an extended cookbook. I wrote it 25 years ago but most of the information is still applicable.

You can download all of these books in one .zip file from the DOWNLOAD page of our website. (Yes, its up and running again, although there's not much on it yet.)

If you have any problems downloading the books, please let me know. Feedback on the books would be appreciated too!


Clayton said...

Way to go Sheryl! I still enjoy the picture I bought from you. Glad to see your bringing some of your talents out in this new home.


Providence Acres Farm said...

Thanks, Clayton!

The Wanderer said...

Purchased the PDF of the Organic wine making book, but have not received a link to download the book. Please advise, Natalie

Providence Acres Farm said...

You would have received the link to download on the "Thank You" page you were directed to after paying. lmk how it goes.

Jared Sharp said...

Which book is the wine making book?

Sheryl at Providence Acres said...

Hi Jared! I took the wine making book down. I will put it back on the page if you are interested in buying it.

Jared Sharp said...

Please. I am very interested in the non-sulfate method (organic).

Sheryl at Providence Acres said...

You can access all of the ebooks, includong the Wine Book, here: