Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wild Mushrooms

"Shaggy Mane" Mushrooms are blooming like crazy right now in September. They are only good for an hour or so after picking, so we don't sell them. I have considered selling jars of starter to those who want to grow these themselves. These are delicious as babies, prepared in casseroles, especially with fish. Due to their high water content, they don't do as well sauteed.

They aren't here for long, though, so we take advantage of it while we can.

While these are not the "Alcohol Inky Cap" shaggy mushrooms, it is not recommended to drink alcohol while eating them. They can sometimes contain a substance that prevents the body from detoxifying alcohol and can cause tingling, flushing and rapid heart beat. These symptoms disappear after a few hours.

These mushrooms are also known as "ink" mushrooms and, indeed, do produce a black ink when mature, that has been used for writing and drawing, in the past. I have not tried this, but may do some mushroom drawings with the mushroom ink. Interesting concept...

We have several other types of mushrooms on the property, but all are not edible. There are a few of the tiny Coprinus-plicatilis, sometimes called the "fairy parasol". Cute little thing and poisonous. It is also sometimes called a "Japanese umbrella" mushroom.

These are also growing on our property,I believe they are Tricholoma lascivum. They grow in bunches where the shaggy manes grow, in the cut grass area at the edge of the pasture.