Monday, March 8, 2010


I love primulas, also called primrose or polyanthus. They are one of my favourite flowers in the garden. One reason I like them so much is because they are so hardy! They stay green under the snow all winter. They bloom in the early spring and late autumn, even in the snow. They can be grown on a windowsill as a houseplant and do very well outside in the shade. They are an excellent shade garden plant that flowers.

Primulas like to be kept slightly moist and do not tolerate drying out completely. They do best in shade and like cool temperatures. A truly northern flower. They like slightly acid, humousy soil. (Is hymousy a word?) Sounds like a good peat bog plant.

I grew my first primulas from seed and had those plants for a decade. I continued to divide them as they grew and spread them around the edge of the flowerbed.

They are very low to the ground and make an excellet edging. You will want to keep them in the front of the bed as they don't get more than about 6-8" tall.

There are a lot of newer varieties of primulas. Some are taller with blooms on a stalk and they come in a rainbow of colours.

I bought these marked down to .25 each at the grocery store. They were almost dead when I brought them home. All they needed was a drink but they are in very light, poor soil so have to be constantly watered. I think I will replant them into potting soil until the ground thaws. Then they will go directly into the shade garden.


Margot said...

You have a nose for bargains! I love these flowers for their hardiness and their bright improbable colors. You are such a talented artist. (Ilooked at your other blog but it hasn't been updated recently) Are you painting anything now?

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Thank you!

I paint all the time, just haven't updated my other blog.

I have an art website that I usually update fairly often, but haven't done that one lately, either. It is at

I think I will update them both now. Thank you for reminding me. :-)

DayPhoto said...

Those are just beautiful. I wish they grew here. I am so starved for growing and blooming things this post was perfect.


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I am surprised that they don't grow there. I would have thought that it would be cool enough in Colorado.

They are not growing outside here yet. We have a foot or so of snow to get rid of yet. I am starved for spring too!

The ones that I just bought for .25 each are in the kitchen until the ground thaws.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Wow, they are hardy. Very pretty.