Monday, March 15, 2010

Sprouts on My Windowsill

I have a LOT of things I want to grow this year, bags and bags of seeds. I came to the conclusion that only way I will get them all planted is with an early start, so that is what I did. I acquired a few little flourescent lights to extend the daylight at both ends and started planting at the end of January.

The first things I planted were canna lilies and tomatoes. You can read about growing cannas from seed in a previous post entitled
"Seeding". You can read about growing tomatoes from seed in "Growing Tomatoes From Seed".

These are some of the canna seedlings. Looking good and getting big!

I also planted peppers, a few red brussel sprout seeds (only three sprouted) and ground cherries a few days later. These are the peppers and red brussel sprouts now.

These are the ground cherries. I think I will put all of these into individual pots soon. I found a large number of 4" pots in the cold frame when I opened it this morning. I must have quickly stuck them in there last fall. I will be planting more ground cherries this year, probably many rows of them. I want enough to can for pies all winter and a large batch of wine. I grew a small amount last year but didn't eat many of them. I used them mostly for seed.

These are the other brassicas I have growing. They will all go directly into the garden as soon as it is workable, hopefully by mid April. I intend to grow a lot of broccoli and cabbage and use a combination of BT and BE on the cabbage worms.

I have two containers this size of broccoli.

This is the cabbage.

This is bok choi.

These are the red cabbage seedlings.

As you can see, brassicas all look alike as seedlings so it is important to label everything.

These are my sweet potato slips.

Grown from these sweet potatoes that I started rooting in water in December.

My edoes are doing well. You can read about growing edoes in
a previous post "Edoes and Elephant Ears".

These are my chichiquelites (Garden Huckleberry). I have read that they are close in taste to a blueberry, a bit more sour, but I can always add more sugar to pies. I am hoping to get a lot of berries for wine and pie making all year. I may have to concentrate on collecting enough seed this year and grow many rows of them next year.

The large globe onions are doing well. They will go into the garden with the brassicas as soon as it is workable. They need a drink which I will take care of right away.

I also have chives and garlic chives growing. These will go out with the onions into the herb row.

I have a couple of just sprouted cilantro seedlings in the pot from the grocery store. I planted some seeds in with the growing cilantro. The plant did not survive but the seedlings are coming up. I did not realize they had sprouted so quickly and had them covered in heavy plastic out of the sunlight, so they are leggy and will need more light than they have been getting.

I also have flower seedlings growing.
These are primula seedlings outside in the flowerbed, only yesterday freed from snow cover. They are so hardy!

This is another one in the garden, amidst the green sweet williams. This one has buds on it already! When I saw this, I put the group I had growing indoors, outside on the porch to start hardening off.

I was adventurous this spring and planted four bird of paradise seeds. One sprouted and is growing. It's about 6" tall now.

These are my dianthus "Siberian Blues" seedlings, planted in a cookie tray.

I have both white and lilac daturas growing in here. There is also one tiny 'Black Magic' heuchera seedling about 1/4" high.

Among the seedlings I also have some of last year's dahlias, cannas and callas. This is a dwarf white canna that I grew from seed last year. It bloomed the first year from seed! I grew it indoors all winter on the windowsill. It was looking a bit tattered when the new spring growth started. Now it looks pretty good.

I have a lot more flower seeds yet to plant. I am trying to plant something every day in an effort to get everything planted. I don't know if I will make it or not. The ground is thawing and the snow cover is dissappearing. I have work to do outside!


Margot said...

You inspire me to start my seeds and geranium cuttings now! If you have grown the different daturas before, which one do you think is the most fragrant?

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Oh, I also have some geranium (pelargonium) cuttings rooted and growing. Just a light pink. I would like to get some bright fuschia ones this year.

I have only grown a few lilac daturas before. Nothing else so I can't compare the varieties. They sure are beautiful!

I did grow a purple swirl last year but it didn't bloom before the frost took it. Thus I am starting them early this year.

Dianna said...

You inspire!

Clayton said...

Sheryl do you find the Daturas reseed. I am concerned about this if there are children around as they are quite toxic. ie; they appear as harmless volunteers throughout the garden and so nice to look at and of course the seed pod is so unique.
You have an amazing lot of things going.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Goodness, you are going to have a lot of stuff to plant pretty soon.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I have a lot more seeds to plant! and some that are just not up yet.

Clayton, I never have small children here but I am a bit concerned about the new puppy (which we don't have yet). I have so many other toxic things in my garden, I haven't worried about it, although I am considering forgoing the red castor beans this year because they have those actual beans that the chickens and puppy might eat.

I may still plant them and cut off the flowers before they go to seed, except for the pod I want to save for seeding next year. Haven't decided about that one yet.

I am going to be busy when the garden is ready to plant in but, hopefully, it will be a slow progression. The busiest time will be the first week of June.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wow, what a bunch a very healthy seedlings!

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Every thing looks wonderful! blessings,Kathleen

cindy said...

When will you be able to plant in the ground? My freeze date is April 15. The ground is saturated so we couldn't plant anything even if we were in April.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I have a lot of seedlings that can go in the ground mid April. The ones that can take some frost and cold. The others will go into the cold frame at that time, except the bell peppers. They stay under lights inside until it is very warm out.

I am determined to grow lots of red bells this year!

Last frost date here is May 24, but I usually wait another week before planting the tender veggies and annuals into the garden.

Last spring was too wet mid April to plant anything. This year looks like it may be dry enough.

Janey said...

Everything looks great! I have some four o-clock seeds sprouting in the living room where the sun shines in, and I have several small, plastic, covered take-out containers with various seeds in them. They are seeds I found from a few years ago, and I am curious to see if any of them sprout.

Your cannas look great! I've grown a lot of them from seed. You'd better get them outside quick--they will outgrow your pots very soon! Mine are just beginning to peek through the soil outside.

I am planning to have some veggies and things growing in the backyard this year, probably in pots. I grew tomatoes and lettuce last year, but I want to do more this year. But we seem to have quite a population of raccoons, so I'm concerned that I may be feeding them instead of us, including the one that seems to have taken up residence in our attic. But I'm going to grow them anyway, and now you've got me in the mood to go get some more seeds started!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Good to hear from you, Janey!
Get a big outside dog.