Saturday, June 19, 2010

A White Flower Bed

I have always wanted a white flowerbed to be viewed in the evening. I think the name "moon flowers" gave me the idea when I was very young. When we moved here I finally had the space for it. That first year I covered what I thought would be a large enough area for it across from the porch. I had visions of us sitting out there and seeing the beautiful white flowers after dinner in the dark.

This is the original white flowerbed which I have since enlarged. It is also no longer all white, as you can see.

The original plan was to keep it all white with touches of true red. There are red 'Blaze'
climbing roses planted at either end of the little white picket fence.

The following summer I doubled the size of the bed to add a collection of white shrubs. I soon gathered so many plants of all colours, this is my nature as an OBSESSED collector, that I had to put them wherever I could find the space. That often happened to be in the so called "white" flowerbed, and so it is no longer all white. That is okay with me, though, as I like it better with the other colours added in. It is still mostly white.

When I started the white flowerbed, I researched white flowers and was amazed at the variety available!

I love Easter lilies and have collected the finished ones from local churches after Easter. They are more than happy to find them a good home when they have finished blooming. If you plant them immediately in the garden and let them yellow naturally before cutting them off, they will often reflower that same year. They are also often perennial here and will sometimes come back in the spring. This is a picture of one collected last spring after Easter, that regrew and reloomed. The scent is amazing!!

In my white flower bed a have several feverfew, of course. If you have one, you have many. It can become invasive but I love it. It makes a full small shrub that blooms all summer long, even past the frost. It makes an excellent cut flower which lasts a considerably long time in the vase, much longer than the other flowers I put with it. Its a great white filler with its tiny flowers! While they do reseed everywhere, they are fairly shallow rooted and easy to pull out. I have them all around the back edge of the white flowerbed now, but some of the shrubs I added last year have gotten so large that it is a bit too crowded now. I will be digging a few of the feverfew up and giving them away shortly to a friend who just moved into a new house and needs them for her new gardens.

I do have a lilac in that bed but it is purple :-(

I couldn't find a white one at that time.

I had three large shasta daisies from my mother in law. While they are beautiful in bloom, I only have room for one. I dug out the other two last fall and gave them away. They were huge!

Last year I added large white Aztec nicotiana, iris, a snowball bush, pegee hydrangea, two bridalwreath spirea, a goat's beard aruncus, phlox Davidii, ninebark, three potentillas, rock cress, and two dwarf white cannas grown from seed - all white.

At the end of the year last year I bought 30 small perennials for .25 ea at a clear out! Some of these were white. Of the white ones I bought there were malva moschata (pictured left), prunella, great masterwort, diamond flax, candytuft, meadowsweet filipendula and osprey spiderwort - all white - and I grew white campion from seeds I got in an exchange which are blooming now.

The 30 end-of-the-year plants were alive but very tiny. I have not seen all of them up again in the beds yet this year. The rest of the thirty were scattered here and there in the other beds.


Granny J said...

Your flowers are gorgeous.

Michelle's Green Thumb said...

Love the white flower bed! I, too, have a 'white' bed, although not quite a full as your's. White lilacs (yet to produce flowers, but they are only 3 years old), daisies, iris, crocus & a peony that is desperately trying to open it's bud. The white daffodils mutated back to yellow...

Nice to see someone else who loves feverfew - I use it as a transition filler plant to hold soil in place for my new beds on hillsides. Mine grows to monster size (3 feet tall!!) & requires savage love to keep it in check.

Thanks for posting pictures of all the wonderful flowers! We have pulled out the wooly socks again as summer just doesn't want to come to the coast...

Mr. H. said...

Very pretty! I have always been a huge fan of white flowers and would like to incorporate more of them in our garden as well.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Thank you, everyone!
Michelle, my feverfew is like that too. Its huge this year, 3' tall! I think tough-love is the only way to control it, but its worth it!

I have peonies in mine too but they are pink. I do like the pink ones, I just wish I also had some white ones in there. My peony poppies have reseeded there too and they come in all colours but I love those and would never pull them up! I have planted a lot of other things in there now. I guess it is about half white this year. I edged it, like all my other flowerbeds, with sweet william seedlings last year which are in bloom now in all colours.

If I make more flowerbed area, I might move all the other things and make it entire white with true red touches. There are some areas I am considering for that, just too busy with other things right now, like weeding.

I could have a lot more flowerbed around the deck but Buck goes in and out under there for the shade. Any garden I make there would have to be massive-dog friendly.

Darroch Cottage said...

oh hello! You're right - we are secret twins!
I love your picket fence - I lust after picket fences :)
And if the vinegar works that would be fab - weeds are the bane of my life. xx

The Japanese Redneck said...

Very nice! I luv the white bed.

Ruralrose said...

I am just getting into flowers so I really appreciated your candor here, thanks. Have ordered feverfew and moonflowers and will certainly put them in strategic places since reading your post. Peace (love the rooster on the wall)

Northern Shade said...

I love white flowers in the gardena and you've found a good variety of white blooms. The Aruncus would give good height in the garden. The picket fence makes such a nice backdrop for the garden.

That was a super deal on plants, for $0.25 each. You wouldn't feel bad if a few didn't make it through.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Thank you all very much! I love the flower gardens! I have large vegetable gardens too but they don't interest me nearly as much. I'd be lost without my flowers!

Weeds are the bane of my existance too! Today I will get some pictures of the effects of spraying the walkway with vinegar, if I have time. I lot did die, but there's still some life there. I may have to spray again and satuate them more this time. I might also try it on some burdock and see what happens.

Leanne said...

I'm just getting into flowers - I prefer vege gardening & native trees.
A white garden it top of my wants.
Enjoyed your post & blog!

Love Leanne NZ