Saturday, June 18, 2011


We grow our very own fertilizer - comfrey! It is easy to grow and spreads rapidly but we consider this a good thing. We use quite a lot of it on the garden throughout the summer!

Comfrey has a very deep tap root that collects nitrogen and other minerals from deep in the soil and stores them. When it is cut, it releases these things back into the soil. It makes a nurishing mulch for the garden! It also makes a healthy feed for fowl and farm animals!

I cut a couple of wheelbarrows full yesterday and mulched all the vegetables with it. It's quickly and easily done with a hack saw. I didn't strip the leaves off the stems, just laid the whole things on the ground around the plants.


The Japanese Redneck said...

That's an interesting thing to know.

Terry and Linda said...

Hummm. I didn't know this when I grew comfrey. Thanks.


Michelle's Green Thumb said...

I finally have comfrey growing very nicely behind my raspberry patch. Am trying some comfrey tea & now that the flowers are almost done (was enticing the bees to check out the raspberries by bribing them with the comfrey flowers), I think I will cut the plants back & hopefully in the late summer I'll have another crop to harvest.

I love finding uses for weeds!