Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Have Baby Apricots

I have learned how to prune fruit trees and grapes in the past year. It's a valuable resource that I can use when I need a job in the future, maybe. In the meantime I will probably use it a lot here, where we have orchards of fruit trees and vineyards of grapes.

We also have many lilacs of various colours, all in bloom now. 


Clayton said...

Well I had not dropped in on you for some time and how exciting to see things growing and this new learning experience. Not sure if you ever visited another garden friend of mine but they have just moved from Lac La Ronge, SK to Summerland and so she/they are learning all about a different climate as well!

Rain here now for the last three weeks so we are boggy to say the least.


Providence Acres Farm said...

Hey Clayton! Great to hear from you! I looked in on your site. Sorry to hear about the rain. We have heard about the flooding and water there. I do hope your gardens are surviving!

Thanks for the new gardening link! Summerland is closeby.